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Check the gold with a network operator

The amount of the costs

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The recording of the online shop after registration, the registration of information about the applicant (address, e-mail address and password).

Once again, check the correction in gold,each of the data.

Combined power supply, by clicking on the button "phone"

The consumer will receive, is mandatory prior to the shipment of the order, by clicking on the button of your internet browser, when you click the"back" control of customer information-website for more information about the inputs, if errors are made, or cancel by closing the internet browser the ordering process.


A confirmation is immediately generated, by e-mail (order confirmation) be carried out either directly. Shipping, only cash, by check, of silence and of getting the condition. They are dishes. Information for customers with orders. The acceptance of information about the text, write to, format, or the shipping of the ordered products / shop, you can also order the chance! According to barren, a time of work, the proposal is rejected.


Please accept activated only if the target of the reason. g. The customer with False information or reasonable suspicion of customers, the results of the abuse.


(5)storage of the text of the contract for orders in the online shop


Save the text of a Treaty, and send the data by e-mail is.

You can do this conditions.


Each of our orders, the bear customer:


my account


§3 prices, shipping costs, payment, time limit for repayment

(1)display of the prices in the tax and other components of the price.


(2)this product is not Vice versa, that the use of payment options:

Bank transfer, PayPal, credit card (visa, Mastercard, American express, trains, JCB, Giropay, PE, instant Bank transfer, the Bank from time to time, Przelewy24-it-online account.


(3)the consumer chooses to pay by Bank transfer, then the purchase price is immediately after your order.


(4)the cost of the payment to suppliers abroad.


§4 delivery

(1)the customer has been selected, the nature of the products is significantly different, totally committed in the us...... The dissemination of information about the within a period of 2 working days. Also, the period beginning with the duration of the alarm in the event of payment, the date of the payment in the bank, the Treaty on the transfers, and all other payments, the children on the day after the signing of the Treaty. If you are struggling with cases, Saturday, Sunday, gold,, this is the place of delivery at the end of the time, the office on the next working day.


(2)the risk of accidental loss or accident or deterioration of the thing sold is considered to offer such as the dispatch or the delivery of the goods to the supplier.


§5 retention of title, right of retention

Our ownership of the goods until full payment of the purchase price.

In Chapter 6 of the acquisition of reality

(1)the following provisions shall apply to all use of the tickets.


The commands, некунден a certificate of registration after receipt of the order, the conversion of bonus points, and untransto the people that accompany you, are not responsible


Respect if necessary value compensation. Repayment of debt payment of play was 30 days. Time to start the dispatch of the Declaration"as promptly. As a preventive measure is,expressly sent for to prepare it, or equivalent.


At the end of lair of the direction of

§9 warranty

Warranty conditions the law applies.

Article 10 of the language of contract law

Of the contract with the service provider to the client, the Law of the Federal Republic of Germany in. Of weight and of consumer protection outside your country of man rester'usual, except choose from. Commitment by the Law of Nations,at the time of redemption, is an exception. The language of the contract only.

§11 customer service

Customer service. Other questions, complaints, or from the Date 9:00~17:00


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Also, the use of the website to display personal data. Different rules apply for the services of the site and is distinguished by the displayed. We collect personal information (name, address, E-Mail, phone number, etc.), the provisions concerning the protection of personal data. Information of the sons of individuals if you may be part of the distinguished name, and more. The legal framework for data protection Federal Data Protection(Bundesdatenschutzgesetz-BDSG,German telemedia act(TMG)is. Pursuant to the provisions of the following options, and providing information within the scope of the collection, use and processing of personal data.


Data can be transferred to the Internet, the security problem is the risk of them complete protection against access at the level of the Send, to ensure that your choices about not having this information used by these companies, Click here..



Of our website cookies(cookies) are used to recognize repeat use of our website by the same user,that is connected to the Internet. Cookies work, such as a file download site. Use of the website, and to improve our services,if you need to. In most cases, these so-called"session cookies", if you want to remove the customer's website.


Some of these use cookies for the transmission to automatically detect the information. The detection of the IP address, have registered to use cookies. This information is necessary for the use,improve our services, new site access.


Can be avoided. Suppose, cookies by modifying the settings in your browser software. Please I need to be aware that you can't use all features to use the site.


Server Data

For technical reasons,in particular the data in your Internet browser site space to the collection server of the log file the type and version of Browser,of the United Nations system to sell our Privacy Statement, our home page to access the website URL, and access date and time, ip address(IP address)is. These anonymous data, separating personal information of the customer can be connected or not. The data and statistics to improve our site and our service.


To register

This registration site. The information of the input signature character, style


The company is the acquisition, accumulation, and use of our website. If you register with the site, we collect the IP address, the date and the time. Skin protection in the case of the United Nations to recognize abuse of our customers, and to save the data can. This information is for the purpose of the third party or you. This information is appropriate information to obtain,-by the other components of our website.



This website have everything you need to make your stay more enjoyable. This product information about our services. Unlikely. e-mail. Also, using the E-mail address to ensure that the holder of the e-mail is impossible if there is not or the owner of the address of the Observatory certification. If the client's IP address, the date and time is used. Protection of the skin of the international level

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Some of the plugins available


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Web Site about the use of shared services


Access to the Site of the functional parts or components of the browser of the image of this component. During this process of page. The data processing of the amount. Website URL is, for example, IP address, user output to the output. This treaty, the privacy, the address



Control and acquisition of data of data of data to be collected. However, the content of the transmitted data. For more information, to collect data directly in the browser configuration settings of the data, of privacy, of advice to address.


Privacy policy at the following address:


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Web Site, mobile devices,excellent collection, income and/or disabled. Cookies are files stored on the computer sites. This trailer of the data transfer from the hard disk of personal data. To remove this, click on the number of customers, for example, the reference number (the link is provided. This information is necessary in business on the web site of the company and the negotiation, advertising, travel. The number of partners, Agency fees and transactions can be avoided. Cookies are a browser setting. You will not be able to use all the services.


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The Federal Data Protection Act"stipulated in the personal data,the processing or use, if applicable, to correction, blocking or deletion of this data from the device to be abolished in the case described. Also, correction, or deletion of your personal data, the prohibition of conditions and other legal obligations of the data.



Against the interest of clear infringements in the use of e-mail address. Lost data will not be recorded. The collection of data for the purpose of accepting the product of the co-creation of the world. The transfer of data to third parties. This information is repeated, and other information on the website, or you can cancel the request, the Japanese organization for international cooperation of the Institute of the Newsletter is possible at any time. The content of the order confirmation email or send.



Website, please feel free to contact us by e-mail contact and/or the contact form. In this case, the data of the user to facilitate the communication. The transfer of data to third parties. This information to customize and provide all the information that may be collected on other items on the site.


Every time, when the location of the reception, to the position of the access to the installation from the request of the browser for this element. This method is accurate to a certain page of the site.


Website data for the element in the nature of negotiations, the evaluation of the information of the personal account in. Please click on the button, for example, the comments to find this information, a personal account


For your interest in the direction of the movement and the accumulation of data and interaction on our website. Privacy policy for more information on the collection of data and the use of the customer's rights and the protection of privacy:

N°1, In fact, the subcontractors and the definition of the term

(1)The General terms of sale and we, the consumers focus on it.


Consumers are natural persons, or,we refuse this activity, business or independent professional activity(§13BGB.


§2 conclusion of contract, storage of advantages

(1)The following provisions shall apply


(2)in the case of contracts you can.


The clerk of the court in Munich.


(3)the presentation of the products of the online shop is a legally binding contract that is successful, a simple modification of the body of a request from a consumer to order. When ordering your desired products to the consumer undertakes, in the finals to the price.


(4)note: In our online shop the following rules apply:


The consumption of the provision of the Treaty,which is in the order process of the online stores is also possible.


By the procedure described below, to experiment with.


The Country Of Destination

(2)these dreams that apply to the exposure of the specified period. It is not possible to extend.


(3)companies figure 10Guthscheine each month not freely transferable.


(4)If there is always only one coupon accumulation.


(5)dreams such as these can be set to a minimum. Management of the impossible, the remaining credit of the refund or credit if the value of data to buy the following data to the value of the coupon.


(6)above of the credit price for the mold of the good, and to compensate for the difference by payment method provided.


(7)luxury apartments for rent comparison, the dream of our cash,or produce.


(8)lost to the outside, such as the acquisition of flight, for example, for the dream of everyone will be considered for refunds.


(9)such as gold, how to pay 6. 1 the Article, not on the Internet in the delivery of the refuse to file or customer account of the block must be, I think that a reasonable suspicion of abuse concerning the use of the cash voucher.


§7 terms and conditions

Customer account of the customer, at the same time. Rights of duplication with the requirements of the development are only for local customers, if their own behavior of these provisions,the future of on-line shops.


Of the legality, in terms of the data of the client only. Refusal website sales-indefinite improper use, shopping on the Internet, affect the act, other users,our partners, contractors, partners, etc co., Co., Ltd. block of the result of the deletion of the account e-mail address, telephone number, legal consequences can.


Article 8-Right of withdrawal by the customer, the consumer

The right of withdrawal for consumers

The"notice to consumer, as the consumer is a natural person, the legal support, the purpose of the additional key to the commercial,their own occupation activities of


A set of written notice-right of withdrawal

As the capacity of consumption to decline when, why, and to delete products and services and / or products. Service and products to introduce in the case, the transmitter-receiver of the credit rating of minutes, cell phones, consumer success is our recommended.


Right of withdrawal you can


The announcement of the description (in writing, by mail,fax or e-mail about the decision to cancel the contract. With this model of license is not mandatory.


For the protection of the cancellation period,the timely dispatch of the notification to be sufficient for the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal of the time.


Cancellation of the result of

If the contract is terminated, payment in the same currency, the transaction, such as the client and explicitly agreed, or,the total amount of remuneration, etc., for the calculation.


In the case of an effective withdrawal, the mutually received with the return to the extent necessary,appropriate citations(presented, for example, the rate of interest of the publication is required. It is, in both cases, the type of contract, the payment of the service period. Can lead the whole, or only a part of the settlement terms granted to

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