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 Show or -kind of television, a kind of entertainment broadcast television and online distribution. The plot is the demonstration of the action of a group (or groups) of people in a close environment of life.  is highly developed and the percentage of reality shows in the broadcast schedule of these countries is much higher, however, will be the term "tv real" exists only in the typology of the western genre, in the same sense is used the less precise " and "Reality Show".This type of television brings together many of the television programs, the original idea of the genre has been assumed that the transfer of the following correspondence:

  • no script
  • power on the television with the first outlet
  • the participation of "ordinary" people, do not have practice in the genre of the game, rather than professional actors
  • the shooting conditions, the more close to the real (in some cases-extreme situations and the struggle for life).



For a long period of time, the transmission shows (supposedly) the natural life and interaction of a group of characters isolated in a particular context. Declaration on freedom in the conduct of the participants-it is believed that the events develop freely, without a pre-ordained script ("Scripted Reality"), which is a "strong point" Reality Show. The viewer is forced to believe that he is a witness, not once in the show, and the real scenes of life.

There are several general options for the staging of the reality show and many of the projects, to varying degrees, a combination of different approaches. In all cases, a group of participants (sometimes permanent, sometimes alternating) living permanently in a limited space; the events of this life are constantly being photographed by tv cameras and aired on television (and, more recently, sometimes still, and the demonstration of the Internet).

The project usually has a well-defined objective, it would, at least theoretically, you can win (who received a prize large enough). The participants are therefore not only of the characters of transmission, but also rivals in the fight for this prize. As a general rule, the participants of the project at a certain frequency to come out of it on different grounds: the results of the vote of the participants, the results of the vote of the spectators, at the request of the organizers of the show (the latter, however, is done directly rarely, because it destroys the atmosphere of the naturalness of what is happening).

The video can be collected differently. In some cases, in the habitat of the participants put in place a sufficient number of hidden cameras, so that all of the shares of the tragedy, regardless of where they occur. The participants are equipped with the permanent record. The results of the shooting can be treated, but sometimes they are distributed directly (with pre-manual, or even in real time). In other cases, the shooting is performed in the traditional manner and only at a certain time (a variety of collective activities, competitions, polls, conversations with participants, specific moments), and the results are mounted from the transmission, leaving periodically to the television.

Although it is proposed to think that what's happening on the screen-the actual events, it is usually not quite true. Even in the absence of a scenario explicitly, the managers of the show are usually quite hard to manage what is happening, ensuring that the public has not lost interest in the project. As a result, it promotes the sclerosis, scandals, education, and the rivalry of groups within the team of participants.

the show is very popular with the public. Psychologists associate this to the pursuit of "monitoring" for the life of someone else, who is satisfied with this type of transmissions. It is necessary to take into account the point of view on this topic.


Critics claim that the show has had an impact on the psyche of the audience, especially the young, with a taste not formalized, and beliefs: they activate the morbid curiosity and provide as a model to follow, a behavior not quite adequate participants. the Organizers of the show in the pursuit of entertainment are often on the edge of obscenity, and sometimes explicitly the move, which can also have an impact on the morality of the audience, many of whom are likely no reasoning to take television pictures of the standard. In addition, the anxiety and the state of the psyche of the participants who are forced to live for a long period in an environment where each step is attached and can be shown to millions of viewers.

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